What you need to know before you buy, sell, relocate or list your home!

Vancouver Homes & The Wrecking Ball

In Vancouver, homes with some significance have been facing the wrecking ball. Significance in that, they may have been designed in a specifically west coast style, may have been designed by a well known architect, built for a historically significant person or just...

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Fire Ants in British Columbia

Fire Ants, newly found in British Columbia, would be good fodder for a new Stephen King novel.  Unlike many ants that have the capability of biting or stinging, the Fire ant will & does swarm when disturbed. Fire ants are aggressive and will deliver multiple...

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B.C. home inspector standards to be overhauled

Major players in British Columbia’s home-inspection sector will take the first step this week toward overhauling qualification requirements for inspectors that some have called “woefully inadequate.” The move to introduce uniform standards was part of Liberal Premier...

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Buyers, Sellers & The Standards of Practice

The problems, or more accurately, the misunderstandings that arise from a home inspection are often not caused by the actual findings in the report, but the expectations that the client brings to the inspection.  I often get asked, “Would I buy this house?”  We have...

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Consumer Tips About Home Inspections in B.C.

Purchasing a home is a large investment for many British Columbians and it is important for consumers to familiarize themselves with all the activities related to buying a house so they can make an informed decision. Many people get a home inspection done as part of...

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Sell Your Home For More

Avoid Costly Mistakes Walk Away With More Money How To Quickly Sell Your Home For More THE GOAL Ending up with more money at closing is what counts. This money, called net return, is the selling price of your home less your debt and costs. Spending big bucks on...

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Hot Water Tanks and T&P Valves

Temperature and Pressure (T&P) Relief Valves installed on Hot Water Tanks should be checked once a year.  The valves are normally found on the side or top of the tank with a pipe to within a few inches of the floor. A malfunctioning valve can allow a catastrophic...

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Preparing for an Home Inspection

Have you an accepted offer on your home?  Now comes the dreaded home inspection. Properly preparing for an home inspection can make it go more smoothly. Here’s a list of issues, from a Home Inspector’s view, that can be dealt with to make it a more pleasant...

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