The problems, or more accurately, the misunderstandings that arise from a home inspection are often not caused by the actual findings in the report, but the expectations that the client brings to the inspection.  I often get asked, “Would I buy this house?”  We have whole courses on how not to answer that one.  There is a host of other questions we get asked & would love to be able to answer.  How much insulation is there in the walls?  Do you think there is any plumbing in this wall?  Is it structural? …we’re thinking of removing it. We simply do not have an answer.

How do we mitigate these misunderstanding?  Simply.  Prior to the inspection, we provide to our clients, our Standards of Practice & express the importance of reading them. Specifically, we provide the CAHPI  (Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors) 2012 National Standards of Practice (SoP).

Most of what we do is set out in these standards.  They are what we promise & are expected to do as members of CAHPI.  We must emphasize the importance of reading the SoP to our clients, prior to the inspection.  It would help Realtors & mortgage brokers, to be knowledgable of what’s contained in this document when helping a client with a purchase of a home.

Emphasizing its importance to home buyers & sellers would result in easing some of the tension that often accompanies the buying & selling of a home.  Knowing what information will & will not be provided in a home inspection would help to ensure a smooth transaction, lessening the chance of a misunderstanding and ultimately a happy client.

You can Contact Us for more information, or a copy of the Standards of Practice.

David Rolland RHI

RMC INSIGHT Building Consultants (2011) Inc.

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