Fire Ants, newly found in British Columbia, would be good fodder for a new Stephen King novel.  Unlike many ants that have the

capability of biting or stinging, the Fire ant will & does swarm when disturbed. Fire ants are aggressive and will deliver multiple stings capable of seriously hurting or killing small pets. They can render private yards, gardens & public parks unusable. Sounds like a good premise for a novel. If only they were a little larger than 4 or 5 mm.

The presence Fire ants was confirmed in Metro Vancouver in about 2010, specifically in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond & Burnaby, as well as other areas in BC such as Courtenay & Victoria. Controlling Fire ants has been challenging. Store bought insecticides have had little effect on the colonies.  Using bait, which is carried back to the nest of boric acid has had better results.

Note: It is important to restrict access to bated areas to limit exposure to people and pets.  Use the correct concentration of bait to lessen the effect on wildlife who may come in contact with the bait.

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