Have you an accepted offer on your home?  Now comes the dreaded home inspection.

Properly preparing for an home inspection can make it go more smoothly.

Here’s a list of issues, from a Home Inspector’s view, that can be dealt with to make it a more pleasant experience.


  • Clean the roof, roof valleys & gutters of debris.  If you are not comfortable on the roof, hire a handy man to do it. Ensure downspouts are in not clogged & able to move rain water into surrounding drains or away from the building structure
    Clear all debris from around the foundation of the home such as wood, storage or anything else that blocks the view of the foundation & foundation material
  • Note any pooling of water at the foundation wall.  This water needs to be diverted away from the building
  • Seal all holes, cracks on the exterior siding, be it stucco, vinyl, wood, brick, aluminum or composite material
  • All penetrations through the siding need to be caulked appropriately.  The termination of vents through the side wall need to be in good condition, with the louvers or screen originally present, clean & intact. i.e. dryer vent
  • trim any tree branches & bushes away from the homes exterior
  • install a light bulb in all fixtures



  • Check that all your plumbing fixtures are operating correctly.  Check for leaks under sinks
  • Allow access to the main water shut off as it is often blocked by stored items
  • Clean exhaust fans in bathrooms.  After removing the cover, often a vacuum can remove most of the dirt around the fan
  • Check around the toilet for water leaks.  Changing a wax seal around a toilet is an easy job & relatively inexpensive to have it done by a plumber

  • Ensure the heating system, air conditioning, hot water tank and other major appliances are functioning
  • All the electrical outlets should function, with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) where needed (normally close to water).  GFCI electrical plugs are the ones with buttons on the front, in case you didn’t know
  • The main electrical panel should be clear of any obstruction to facilitate access
  • Access to the attic and/or crawlspace should be clear.  The inspector will want to inspect these areas

This is a list of helpful ideas for the homeowner & is not intended to address all the issues that can be found during a home inspection.  This list is not to be considered exhaustive.  If you wish to know more about home inspections & what it entails, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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