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Expect Easy-to-Understand Property Inspection Reports

The home inspection report includes photos & illustrations.  The inspector will review the report with you, as well as, conduct a walk-through & discussion of the property after the inspection is concluded. Our reports are delivered same day, often immediately following the inspection.

Inspections include the following systems in the home:

Foundation & Structure
Basement & Crawlspace
Site condition analysis
Garage & Carport
Exterior Walls, Windows & Doors
Porches, Decks & Patios
Skylights, Gutters & Flashing

Roofing & Chimneys
Attic, Ventilation & Insulation
Interior Walls, Ceiling & Floors
Kitchen & Bathrooms
Heating Systems & Fireplaces
Electrical System
Plumbing System

Read our CAHPI Standards of Practice on our resources page for more information.

Condominium & Townhome Living

We want you be an informed consumer & make your condo or townhome purchase a pleasant experience.

Condominiums & townhomes have much to offer as a homeownership option. Each building is unique, as is each potential buyer. When considering the purchase of a condominium or townhome, compare attributes such as features, physical & financial condition, lifestyle opportunities as well as cost. will:

  • Inspect all interior aspects of your unit, such as plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, as we would for any style of home.
  • Conduct a cursory inspection of boilers, roof top & garage, if we have been granted access. Some strata’s restrict access to these areas. Permission must be requested prior to the date of the inspection.
Prior to the inspection it is important for you to:
  • Request access to specific areas of the building including, garages, roof surface, boiler room, and electrical service room.
  • Obtain and read strata minutes, AGM, extraordinary meetings held over the last two years.
  • Obtain and make available to the inspector, any engineering or depreciation reports prior to the date of the inspection.
Ensure the inspector is made aware of any reference to:
  • membrane or flashing failure
  • roof problems
  • hot water / plumbing problems
  • exterior wall problems (building envelope)
  • foundation or retaining wall cracks
  • leaks of any kind on balconies or in garages

This information can be important to the over all condition of the structure.

Questions to ask when choosing a condominium:
  • What are the unit boundaries?
  • What will my maintenance obligations be?
  • What are the rules regarding the allowable number of occupants, noise, pets, amenities, parking, etc., and how are these upheld?
  • Can I alter my unit’s appearance? If I want to change something, what procedure do I have to follow to get permission?
  • Does the strata corporation have the minimum insurance required by my provincial or territorial legislation?
  • What will my insurance obligations be?

Sample Inspection Report

Download your Sample Inspection Report here to see what you can expect after our inspections.

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